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Performance Art Reviews

Feeling Seen

April 23, 2024
By Andrew Kachel
Kellian Delice at Pageant, New York
New York City, NY

Kellian Delice reworks a national anthem and its ideologies.

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A nuestra energía

April 15, 2024
By Roselin Rodríguez Espinosa
Sofía Cabrera López at Ex Teresa Arte Actual
Mexico City, Mexico

Critiquing exploitative expectations of labor, the artist facilitates a collective call for rest.

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Rituals of Mourning

March 26, 2024
By Nahui Garcia
Karla Ekaterine Canseco dances between realms in an ode to a dying car. How to mourn (a machine)
Los Angeles, California

Oil is both mechanical and spiritual substance in Canseco’s hypnotic performance.

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Vedette and Mesoamerican Iconography

February 27, 2024
By Laura G. Gutiérrez
Carmina Escobar’s Naque Caníbal: Iris Chacón and Tlazoltéotl
Los Angeles, California

A sensual creature emanating a siren-like chant, accompanied by piano strokes coming from atop the stage-cum-temple, made her way across the open dance floor, which doubled as an ephemeral cabaret and sacrificial site.

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Not Not Performance Art

February 21, 2024
By Rossen Ventzislavov
Krump Session with Qwenga
Los Angeles, California

Krumping might not be performance art, but there is wisdom to be drawn from the analogy.

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Rebeldía en una Danza de los Diablos

February 19, 2024
By Gemma Argüello Manresa
Rebellion in a Dance of the Devils
New York City, NY / Mexico City, Mexico

Guadalupe reclaims what she calls “the primary African community” and pointed out that in that community they are considered “elderly,” in the sense that they acquired wisdom in life.

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